The Current School

Zion provides a business model where the school is located in within the communities where majority of its inhabitants are below the breadline. the children then do not have to walk long hours to the school loosing meaningful time that could be used for other social activities.
The school business model also ensures that the cost of education is low which about 15 USD is. (this includes tuition costs and hot meals for the children) A payment plan is scheduled to allow the parents to pay for the children in small installments to allow flexibility.
The school runs Parent business Support clinics to parents to enhance house hold income and thus effectively pay for the children within the school.
Teachers are monitored on attendance and daily check ins with the resident School manager to ensure that they are always in class to actually roll out the curriculum.
The education standard in this area is so poor and it’s only affordable and accessed by the minority rich who can afford to pay in urban centers.

The School provides support to children from age 3-10 years as of now. The classes are from Kindergarten to Primary four and we will progress to Primary seven with the existing group of pupils.
The school has direct and indirect beneficiaries and these are the Parents,households and communities that participate in business support clinics carried out by the school plus the children who are in the school . We have supported over 50 children on a full bursary over the last 2 years.
Over 100 children with their parents have benefited from the business support clinic through our “5 kroiler Hen campaign”.

Since 2011 over 1000 children have excelled and later joined other schools.

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