Zion implements a holistic development approach so as to meet the multidisciplinary needs of children in the provision of quality education. The holistic development approach is also recommended by Uganda’s Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy of 2013. Our holistic model caters for all children’s needs while at school including food and nutrition and child protection. The children while at school receive quality care including nutritious meals, recreation facilities while learning in a secure child friendly environment.


School Gardens like these offer children a chance to to get involved in growing food. A skill that will last for a lifetime.
Used containers are accessible,affordable and take a small space on.our compounds. Here at school we have decided to have each child to plant and monitor their plant!
They are so excited to get involved in growing the salad greens and other vegetables that they will later eat.


Home made easy crafts using surrounding cheap materials like Banana fibers,Sisal,Old papers (to make mats, bags, belts, table mats, baskets and hats). which can later on be put to market to support school programs.


Zion provides technical expertise to Parents, Teachers and Student groups/organization in economic capacity development by providing business skill training and project startup inputs kits. This model is based on our tested 50 hybrids parent Stock that was donated to us from Pastor Landon through KIRUCODO -Kikandwa village in Mukono District.

At least 5 hens and 1 cock are  provided to each child At Zion together with a metallic cage, for appropriate security levels, that can accommodate the 5 birds. Involving the parents, this model will  help improve on the homogeneous business planning and management mechanism while taking into consideration the importance of quality learning and teaching.