Pupils who need sponsorship

Name: Owomugisha Premer

Born: 05/07/2013

Class: Top

School: Zion kids palace school

Village: Kamengo Kahano Kabale

Father: Mahane John

Mother: Tumuheki Annah

Premer if from a peasant family in Kamengo Kabale of 4 children. The parents do cultivate other people’s fields for a living and sometimes they cannot afford school fees for these children. Premer is good at story telling and reading. If she gets support, she could turn into a very useful citizen of this country.

Name: Natekateka Faith

Born: 008/02/2009

Class: P.3

School: Zion kids palace school

Father: Mugisha Yoramu

Mother: Kukunda Phoebe

Village: Kaku Kanyaryeru

Faith stays with her mother, The mother sells a small kiosk of merchandise in Kanyaryeru with a stock of not more than 30000/=. Faith loves studying, and is also a good dancer. In case Faith is given a chance to continue with her education, she will be a responsible citizen of the nation. Faith’s father is jobless inKampala and they have 9 other siblings. Going to school is very difficult.

Name: Ninsima Andella

Born: 05/02/2002

Mother: Edita Tikamuhabwa

Father: Bakarimwanga Glazio

Class: P.2

School: Zion Kids Palace School

Adella stays with her grandmother in Rwobuyenje Mbarara. She has her other 4 siblings who don’t attend school in Bunyaruguru. Edita and Glazio seperated and each one of them stays on their own, that is why children are suffering.

Name: Ivonah Iradukunda

Born: 28/08/2009

Father: Nakuza Elphaz

Mother: Marithah Mushimemaana

Village: Makenke

Ivonah and her parents came to Uganda as refugees from Congo. They are peasants with no land in Uganda, they have nothing by their names. The mother and father move from house to house looking for casual work. They have 5 children on total and 3 of them don’t go to school. She appeals to anybody who would like to assist her achieve her dream of education.


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